Wedding Signs: Helping Style Your Day

Wedding Signs: Helping Style Your Day

As Spring approaches, many of our bridal couples are busy finalising the details of their wedding celebrations – and one of those details is inevitably signage. Wedding signs can not only ensure that your guests find your celebrations, but can also help reinforce the theme and style of your event.

Over the past few seasons we’ve seen all types of signs, made from materials ranging rom corrugated iron and timber pallets through to ornate frames, mirrors and blackboards.

First of all, there’s the essential directional signs, welcoming guests and ensuring they can find their way to the ceremony, bar, lawn games and dancefloor.

These are sometimes accompanied by signs reminding guests about technology (whether its to switch off their mobiles or providing hashtags for instagram), to sign their guestbook or visit the photobooth.

In addition, we’ve seen many events with signs highlighting with great quotes and personal notes that raise a smile (or bring a tear to the eye).

All of these different wedding signs help a couple create their own unique celebration, as shown in this image gallery: