Station Store

The historic Station Store at Bungaree is largely unchanged since the 1840s, when the property was the most northern settlement in South Australia. Not only did staff once collect their “rations” from this farm shop, but explorers also stopped in to replenish their expedition supplies.

12 ½ bags flour, 2,289 lbs sugar, 237 lbs tea, 1 ¼ boxes tobacco, 2 doz tins pepper, 22 tins baking powder, 12 lbs raisons, 8lbs currants, ½ case salad oil, 492lbs salt, 7 bags black sugar, 3 bags coarse salt, 11 dandy brushes, 2 body brushes, 7 whip thongs, 1 dozen girths, 5 water bags, 1 set cutlery, 3 bottles ink, 4 paint brushes, 1 box spirits of salts, 1 dozen bottles strychnine, ½ gallon carbolic acid...
Extract from Bungaree’s List of Stores and Rations, 31 December 1897

Today, many historical products from those early days are still displayed on the shelves, as well as some of the best produce from the farm and the local area.

For those visitors seeking a true "farmgate" outlet, Bungaree lamb (including hogget chops, gourmet lamb and rosemary sausages, and rolled legs and shoulders) and free range chicken can be purchased, as well as honey provided by the property’s two beekeepers, quince paste from the property’s orchard and other seasonal produce.

In addition, there is also a range of Pangkarra snack foods and pasta products from the neighbouring property, Anama Park.

Boutique produce from across the Clare Valley is also showcased, from Evilo Estate olives and Patly Hill pickled grapes through to Clare Valley wines and beers. Early pioneers would have also been impressed with the range of leaf teas now available for visitors to enjoy, while coffee addicts will appreciate the fresh coffee.

A range of South Australian cheeses have been selected to complement Clare Valley produce, with visitors able to curate their own local produce platter which can be enjoyed with Clare Valley wines and beers on the sunlit patio, or inside in front of the fire.

Souvenirs, including books on Bungaree’s fascinating history, are also available at the Store.

The Station Store is open daily between 10am and 4pm, with extended opening hours for residential guests. Self guided tours of the historic station complex and accommodation bookings are also available at Station Store.